A New Nationalistic Organisation Has Been Created in Ukraine

On 1 August 2020, our Ukrainian brothers announced the establishment of their new organisation called CENTURIA.

Convinced nationalists gathered in the vicinity of Kiev and took an oath before the banners and leaders of the new organisation.
The ceremony took place away from the prying eyes of mass-media and spies – in the open, and in the darkness of the night.

CENTURIA’s leader, Igor Mihaylenko, emphasized in front of the hundreds of gathered nationalists that ‘henceforth, the notion Great Ukraine will be obtaining a new sense. Previously, we could only plan for years ahead, but today the world is facing chaos. In this period of time, we must be able to stand firmly on our feet, while being surrounded by close associates with whom we will build a fundament that will not collapse under foreign pressure and influences.’

CENTURIA’s ideological platform is simple and clear: The State does not make sufficient efforts to educate the young generations patriotically and does not defend the national interests. This is why CENTURIA has been established.

Ukraine’s enemies – separatists and cowardly politicians – work in favour of foreign interests. CENTURIA has been established in order to make their activity impossible, and their lives – unbearable.

The main task of the organisation is to educate strong and proud Ukrainians. We will give each soldier of the organisation a proper alternative:
 Strength - instead of weakness;
 Team spirit - instead of loneliness;
Healthy way of life - instead of addiction;
Future within the nation - instead of emigration!
The creators of the organisation are veterans who have returned from the line, as well as young people who prepare themselves for military service in the ranks of the National Guard and Armed Forces of Ukraine.
            ‘We are convinced of that Ukraine is facing new challenges, and this is why we must inculcate into our society sound militarism and militant spirit. Regardless of their profession or military experience, each citizen must be able to defend themselves and their family and country.’
​● https://centuria-ua.com/
​● Telegram: https://t.me/Centuriaua
● Instagram: https://instagram.com/centuriaua
● Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdGBDKtPLW1hfSqaesS1haQ

​Photos of the establishment of CENTURIA Organisation. 

KOUBRAT’S YOUNG FOLLOWERS wish you successes and victory!
Forward and upward!