Gypsies Beat Children in Assenovgrad. Our Position. Bundle Leader Aleksandur Tsvetkov (video)

Aleksandur Tsvetkov, bundle leader in Koubrat’s Young Followers, took part in the E-Mission Bulgaria broadcast on B I Television in connection with the tension between Bulgarians and Gypsies in Assenovgrad.
Points in the broadcast:
- We are nationalists but we have nothing in common with Ataka (Attack), VMRO (Inner Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation) and Valeri Simeonov’s cable television.
- The police are incapable of keeping the public order.
- The problems are not created by the nationalistic organisations but by the Gypsies.
-The 1% cannot change our opinion of the remaining 99% of thievish and stinking Gypsies who rape elderly women.
-VMRO are nothing; they only pretend being nationalists.
-The Gypsies’ hamlets are breeding-grounds of diseases and bacteria.
-The Gypsies are pests who sponge off us.
-The solution: moving the Gypsies back to India.
-Open Society and Bulgarian Committee in Helsinki must be disestablished and their leaders must be given on trial.
28 June 2017:
 A group of Gypsies attacked with stones and stakes children and coaches of the rowing team in Assenovgrad. After clashes, the police arrested 8 people.
The conflict began as early as on Monday, in the afternoon, by the 40 Springs Reservoir, during a training of the canoeing-and-kayaking team of the children’s-and-teenagers’ school belonging to Assenovets Sports Club.
Two of the team girls were in their boat but one of them lost balance and fell into the water. In order to get on the boat again, the girl and her friend had to reach the shore. Just there the Gypsies were.
‘They started throwing balls and stones at us and swimming after us,’ narrated Bilyana – one of the girls who were in the boat. She explicitly stated that she and her friend had not challenged the Gypsies in any way to cause their aggression. According to her words, the Gypsies even threatened to kill or drown the girls.
The first ones who ran to rescue them were the coaches Ivan Chorlov and Yordan Grigorov, who had learnt about the accident from another girl who had witnessed the attack.
‘As soon as I started asking them what was going on, they began to throw at me stones, metal chairs, and stakes,’ Yordan explained. He said that the attackers had taken their oars and begun to hit them with these.
‘There were even little children who were repeatedly hit,’ commented he further.
They were rescued from the trouble not before another colleague of theirs came, who distracted the Gypsies’ attention. Then the sufferers called 112 (the telephone number for signals for help) and made for Assenovgrad.
That, however, did not stop the Gypsies; they waited in ambush the team near the hospital in the town, where the conflict was transferred.
‘They started taking out stakes from the adjacent building sites by means of spades and axes,’ narrated Ghyergana, who is the mother of one of the beaten children. Her husband, too, suffered in the accident. According to her words, one of the attackers tried to overrun him with his car but did not manage and only dragged him about 5 metres away.
‘My child is very scared and I do not know whether she will ever be able to calmly go to train,’ shared the woman.
According to local residents, this is not the first time of clash with Gypsies from the hamlet. ‘In the recent years, their aggression towards us has been more and more violent,’ commented the canoeing-and-kayaking coach Ghyorghi Bakurdjiev.
A number of people witnessed the accident but no one gave a signal to the police. After the action of the authorities in the end, 8 people were arrested.