An Excursion to the Mount of Shipka

On the eve of the winter solstice, one of the most important days in the ancient Bulgarian calendar, we decided to go on excursion to the Mount of Shipka and pay honour to those who had perished for the freedom of Bulgaria.
We started early in the morning from Sofia and made for Plovdiv. There, after we gathered with our associates from Bundle National Amalgamation, we continued towards Kazanluck, where we arrived by noon and stopped for a brief rest.
  When we reached the foot of the mount, the place was covered in dense fog. The views we expected to see did not unfold before us, but this did not sadden us because the whole vicinity had obtained an indescribable mysticism – silence, snow, repose, and the silhouette of the Monument to Liberty! We had the feeling that our forebears were watching us through the fog in front of us.
For over two hours we were not able to make our minds as to where to go to. In the end, after taking a lot of pictures, we made for the Chalet of Ouzana. 
            There, we were already expected and we were accommodated in the preliminarily prepared rooms. The evening was continuous and merry. It was cold and dark outside, but we were in a warm and cosy place.
            We talked, discussed, and told one another various stories. At one time, we joined the chalet men, who were also having drinks because of the forthcoming holidays.
  In the morning, our waking-up appeared to be difficult because we had stayed up late the night before, but thanks to the hot tea and coffee our group did manage to wake up and we started preparing for the way back.

            While returning, we decided to pass through Gabrovo. There, in the city centre, was a Christmas bazar, with tasty food and a very festive atmosphere. We tasted from everything.

            Unfortunately, we were running short of time so we had to start. Then each started for their native town, recreated and full of happy mood, looking forward to our following meeting.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Manol Dimitrov