We are National Socialists who do not accept today's multicultural democracy. For us, this system does not differ from the communist one.  The red flag, which the vendors waved until yesterday, is now blue and now has twelve pentacles. And the Bolshevik commissars of the October Revolution gave way to the European commissioners of Brussels.

Once again we are witnessing internationalism and hatred of everything national and patriotic. Everything is the same, but packaged differently ...
In Bulgaria, even the freaks who rule us are from the old communist nomenclature, their children, grandchildren and informers!
They control politics, the economy, culture, judiciary, public life and the media in the country!

We believe in the sacred and millennial struggle between good and evil. Good is what gives us strength and hardens our spirit. And evil - these are the hordes of Xerxes, the hordes of Genghis Khan, the bashibozoks of Bayazid, the barbarians of Stalin and the apes of the Third World! These are the enemies of the Bulgarian people and our race!

Today our enemies are strong because we are weak. Is needs to be change! Otherwise, our children will witness the collapse of European civilization, and thus of our homeland, Bulgaria ...

Despite the difficult situation we are in, we hope that the blood of our ancestors will speak and the white man will not die like a lamb at slaughter. And yet, if the fate has ordained us to perish, let us face death "upright and with arms in hand," not on our knees with our heads bowed!