He Died So That We Would Live. Let us Honour Him!

On 10 January 2022, members and sympathizers of the Bulgarian National Union and KUBRAT YOUTH honoured with their presence the memory of Captain Gerhardt Wengel in Madara Garden, in Sofia.

The gathered ones bent their heads to the feat of the Bulgarian and German airmen who at the price of their lives were defending the sky above Sofia during one of the most terrible bombardments committed by the Anglo-American killers.

In front of them spoke Boyan Rassate, Dr Yordan Manasiev and Martin Vutev, who told about Captain Wengel’s life and service. Honoured were also the other four German airmen who had perished on that same day in 1944.

After a minute in silence, we left flowers onto the slab placed in honour of Captain Wengel in 2001, in front of the streaming banners of the Organisation.

Some of those present also took the floor and retold interesting events from the war, which they had heard from their fathers and grandfathers.

Captain Gerhardt Wengel and the perished for New Europe shall eternally live in our hearts. Their self-denial, bravery and heroism are and shall remain to be guiding stars to today’s generation of Bulgarian nationalists.

The Bulgarian national Union and KUBRAT YOUTH once again bend their heads to the hero!
Let us honour him!

Martin Vatev
Head of the Academy for Political Activists of BNS / KOUBRAT YOUTH