Koubrat’s Young Followers and Bundle National Amalgamation Honoured Hristo Botev

On 2 June, Koubratists from the Sofian organisation, together with Bundle National Amalgamation, laid wreaths in Vratsa in memory of those who had perished for the freedom of Bulgaria.
Contrary to our principles, we decided this year to go to the official celebration of Botev’s Day in Vratsa.
We arrived in the late afternoon and as soon as we entered the city, especially in its centre, we found ourselves among a large number of people who had gone out for a walk on the festive day.
As expected, the crowd was becoming larger and larger as we were approaching the monument to Hristo Botev. To our enormous regret, there had ‘official guests’ occupied places – certain deputies, mayors, community councillors and various other pests.
We, together with Aleksandur Souev, the leader of Bundle National Amalgamation, whom we had met earlier, had a walk among the people.
Before long, ‘the working part’ for ‘the high guests’ was over and they disappeared quickly. Finally, after the last one of them had already gone, the access to the monument was granted and the people, including ourselves, were already able to honour, without being disturbed, the titan Hristo Botev.

It became extremely pleasant to us when accidentally met citizens repeatedly stopped us and wanted to have pictures of them taken with us at our banner.
Koubratists on duty in front of the monument to Hristo Botev
Before the eternal fire in memory of those who died for the freedom of Bulgaria
The organizational flag of N.O. "Snop" is solemnly waving on the square in Vratsa