Koubrat’s Young Followers Honoured the Perished German Officers and Soldiers

On the battlefields in the wars for the freedom and national unification of Bulgaria, hundreds of thousands of worthy sons of Mother Bulgaria perished. In unequal battles did they sacrifice their lives for their brothers and sisters who had remained in thralldom in Serbia and Greece.
But for the freedom and unification of the Bulgarian nation, in the First and Second World Wars, on the front lines in Dobroudja, Macedonia, Thrace and the Western Marginal Lands, not little numbers of foreigners sacrificed their lives too, most of them being Germans.
Some of those forgotten warriors have been buried in the German Military Graveyard in Sofia, which is in the Central Graveyard Park.
On 24 December, Christmas Eve, before we got back home to our relatives, we honoured those German soldiers and officers who had perished away from their homes while fighting shoulder to shoulder with our great-grandfathers for the freedom and unification of the Bulgarian nation.

Today we are here at the German military cemetery to show our gratitude to the German soldiers who died during the WWI and WWII. In Bulgaria we have a lot of fake so-called patriots and nationalists who honor another army as liberating. These people, who call themselves patriots and nationalists, honor the murderers and rapists who invaded Bulgaria in 1944.

However, we know our history and we know who are the real liberators and defenders of the oppressed Bulgarians in Greece and Serbia. This was only the German soldier, and of course the Bulgarian soldier, who during the First and Second World Wars fought fraternally next to him for his freedom.

Here in the German military cemetery lie many German soldiers who gave their lives for Europe and for the liberation of oppressed peoples.

We want to thank them for giving their lives for our freedom, for the freedom of our Fatherland. Honor and glory to the German soldiers, honor and glory to the German army.