After the talks had with our regional leaders from the whole country, the National Leadership of the Bulgarian National Union has explicitly condemned the Russian invasion into Ukraine.

The Bulgarian National Union is an anti-system, patriotic organisation that not once has declared itself against the criminal policy of NATO and the American imperialism. Freedom and justice are for us the principles all our thoughts and actions are based on.

Today, freedom and justice are again trodden on by the muddy boots of the new bolshevist hordes. A whole nation is fighting all alone for its freedom and for its right to make its own future without foreign interference.

At this same time, cultured Europe is looking apathetically because it has raised several generations of flippant liberals and homosexuals, who are incapable of putting resistance to the power-gaining Asian neo-communism.

As Bulgarians and Europeans, we cannot remain indifferent to the fate of the fraternal Ukrainian people. The ancestors of this people, as well as the ancestors of many Russians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Romanians and Finns, were in the army of Tsarist Russia, which brought the freedom of a proportion of the Bulgarians under the Turkish Yoke.

As nationalists, we cannot help sympathizing with our ideological associates, the Ukrainian nationalists, because we, just like them, struggle for a Europe of nations without communists, liberals and coloured minorities.
It was just these nationalists whom Putin called ‘neo-Nazis’ and decided to ‘liberate’ Ukraine from them…

Today, however, he is aiming at the Ukrainian nationalists, but tomorrow shall come the turn of the nationalists in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Poland and Romania. Then comes the turn of us, in Bulgaria.
I really wonder whether the patriots and nationalists supporting Putin have forgotten that he is not a nationalist but a communist – an officer of the former KGB (Committee of State Security) of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).
Have you really forgotten Maxim Martsinkevich-Tesak, who ‘killed himself’ last year in the prison in Chelyabinsk?
Don’t you really know that there are also Russian nationalists fighting together with the Ukrainian armed forces?
Doesn’t all this really remind you of already passed events of the 1940s?
Have you really forgotten that our great revivalists Ivan Vazov, Ghyorghi Rakovski, Hristo Botev, Vassil Levski and Zahari Stoyanov would warn us about the danger of being enslaved by the those who had liberated us?

In the support we, of the Bulgarian national Union, are giving to Ukraine, we do not mean governments, policy or interests, because as the Ukrainian so the Russian and Western Governments are led by the same forces.
We feel equal disgust as of Joe Biden and the European top of hypocritical liberals, so of Volodimir Zelenski and all those who are like him.

The matter here is the right of the Ukrainian people to determine its future and its foreign-policy orientation itself.

We cannot agree that a foreign state, in this case Russia, has the right to demand this or that from the Government and people of Ukraine, and that if they do not agree to obey, they have to be attacked and destroyed!

And, secondly, it is a matter of a principle position. On the one hand, on the front line are fighting free Ukrainian citizens and sharers of our ideas, and on the other – the new Red Army of the new satrap, the substitute for Stalin, the neo-bolshevist Putin and his allies – the Chechnyan mujahidin (wagers of jihad – a holy war of Muslims against the enemies of Islam) of the traitor Ramzan Kadirov!  

The refusal of NATO and liberal Europe to help Ukraine clearly reveals that between them and Putin’s Russia there is a secret agreement that the Ukrainian nationalists be destroyed after which their country again become vassal to the new Soviet Union.
Their arguments in favour of this are absolutely groundless: Ukraine is not a member of NATO and this is why they cannot give help to it…

In 1990, Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait, which was not a member of NATO either, but the USA and its allies did not hesitate to carry out the military operation known as Desert Storm for the chasing-out of the Iraqi aggressor. 

In 1999, when the war in former Yugoslavia was in its full swing, Kosovo was not a member of NATO either, but this did not hamper the USA and its allies to carry out Allied Force against the Serbian armed forces…
What is it that hampers them now?

Ukraine and its people are all alone in these times so hard for them.
This is why we address all who have humanness in their hearts and reason in their heads to condemn the actions of the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, and the inactivity of the USA and the governments of the European states.

We have chosen to openly show our position, though we know that it will not be considered in one and the same way as many will condemn us. 

We have chosen to do it because we are convinced that it is right and just.

The acts of the armed forces of the Russian Federation are aggression against the sovereignty of a free country and its people. What is happening is so absurd that it is still difficult for us to believe it is true. The only thing that corroborates it is the clips and photographs shown every minute of perished and wounded people and demolitions occurring because of our silence and inactivity! 

Last but not least, the Bulgarian National Union worries also about the Bulgarian national minority in Ukraine, which, without being guilty of anything, is also affected by the terrible whirlwind this reckless war carries.

We appeal to the Bulgarian general public to cause pressure on the Bulgarian state institutions in order to make them help our ethnic brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Today is Ukraine being crucified, but we, the Bulgarians must not forget that the imperial interests of Russia do not end at Kiev.

If we do not open our eyes to the instructions our revivalists Ivan Vazov, Ghyorghi Rakovski, Hristo Botev, Vassil Levski and Zahari Stoyanov have bequeathed to us, we could soon wait for Russian battleships and military aircraft to shell and bombard again Varna and Balchik, as in 1915, or Russian soldiers to enter again Sofia with their red banners, as in 1944, in order to ‘defend’ their compatriots who in the years of democracy bought hundreds of thousands of pieces of fixed property in Bulgaria… The fifth column is already here!

It is time you chose what to be – Bulgarians of Russophiles!

Long live Bulgaria!
Long live Ukraine and all the nationalists!

For the Bulgarian National Union: Boyan Rasate
For KOUBRAT YOUTH: Alexander Suev
For the National Women's Union "PAGANE": Elena Vatashka