Winter Aid for Our Pensioners and Financially Underprivileged People

By tradition, the Bulgarian National Union (BNU) starts a humanitarian action under the heading of Winter Aid for Bulgarian Pensioners and Financially Underprivileged People.

Activists of Koubrat’s Young Followers, Bundle National Amalgamation and Pagane National Union of Women are taking part in the organisation and carrying-out of the action this year.

From 16 to 30 December, volunteers are opening points where snacks, hot tea, and pastry products are to be given away.

The humanitarian action has been envisaged to be carried out in Sofia, at the entrance to Serdika Underground Station, and in Plovdiv, at Central Square.

As we have always said before, so we say now: ‘We are not the State and cannot nourish all the needy Bulgarians, but we shall at least try to warm their grey everyday life with attention and respect, which these people enjoy less and less often nowadays.’

The winter aid for Bulgarian pensioners and financially underprivileged people is a self-funding campaign that relies as on the funds we, the Bulgarian nationalists, allocate for it, so on donations from the rest of our compatriots who have the wish and possibility to aid.

​Merry holidays, Bulgarians! May God watch over all of us!